Men of Paris, Protect Your Priests

Men of Paris Black and White

Men of Paris, protect your Priests.  They are coming. The attack in the suburb near the edge of the country was an obvious precursor to an attack in the capital. They have demonstrated what a few men with knives can do and they do not lack for either men, or blades.


They have proven to themselves their proof of concept. They do not need the resources of a military (yet) when they can purchase blades from Monoprix. They know who the Priests are, we do not know who they are. They now know they can behead a Priest in an outlying region. Obviously, they will eventually move to behead many, simultaneously, and without warning in the capital. It is obvious they will know where the Archbishop is, but perhaps by good providence they might not easily track the movements of all priests.

It does not a challenge for them to watch and learn where Priests sleep, or where and when they say Mass.  This may appear to be inconceivably difficult, but really it is the easiest martial challenge the men and police of France will ever be confronted by in the future. It is a nice thing to stand guard at Mass, it is a better thing to be by your Priest and ready for whatever time the attack will take place.

A blade is an ancient piece of technology and was used in the 16th century, and easily turned aside by 16t h century armor in museums. Several men armed with knives can fended off by more men with quarterstaffs. A staff can defend a life. A blade could cut through wood, unless the staff had already been cored and filled with iron or steel. There is no guarantee they will continue using only blades, but one might hope.

After the massive attack on the Priests on Paris, the few that survive will flee and go into hiding. Some of you can shelter Priests, and some others among you have methods of transportation to save them out of the capital. Some of you own motorbikes, some cars with good trunk space, other ship goods in trucks. Some of you have closets, guest bedrooms, crawl spaces, and other places. They have shown their hand with this attack in the suburb… eventually, they will strike against the capital massively.

I hope there will be found at least a handful among you who are willing to stand, protect, and be willing to allow your own blood to be shed for the lives of your priests. It will be a much better thing to protect their lives with courage even at the cost of your own life, then to lose it later under the more difficult circumstances to come.

If you should wait until the attack before awakening from your slumber, then it is already too late to avert this event. I am sorry that France has much to suffer, but if martial courage cannot be found in the hearts of vert hommes then perhaps God might find it in the vieux hommes.







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