Faith - Photograph Courtesy of Hamed Al-ralsl

Photograph Courtesy of Hamed Al-ralsl

I once questioned my faith, as it seemed everything was going wrong. My life was spinning out of control because of my past and felt God was not with me. I went through a major depression and did not want to be around anyone.

One evening, I returned home and found my electricity was cut off not for the lack of funds, but I had forgotten to pay the bill. I called Duke Energy and they said they could turn it on this evening for a fee. Now my $20 bill came to a total of almost $200 due to immediate service to turn on the power that evening. I found myself laying on the floor of my bedroom and crying. To my surprise, the words that followed were, “Oh God, help me. I do not have the power to get off this floor and I need your help to tell me what I am supposed to do. I do not know what is wrong, but I need your guidance.”

After saying those words, I found myself lifted off the ground and heard I am with you and I will help you through this long road ahead. I looked around and saw no one in the room except my loving dog that was by my side.

Photograph Courtesy Robert Couse-Baker

Photograph Courtesy Robert Couse-Baker

From that day on my faith was renewed. I believe to this day that a spiritual power assisted me and from then on, I knew that giving my life to God was the most important thing I could do. You may ask what keeps my faith steady and the answer to that question is the following:

  1. I remind myself to be thankful for what I have.
  2. I remind myself to pray to the Father no matter what is happening.
  3. I ask the Father to help me when I see no road ahead no matter what it is.
  4. I simply remember He died on the cross for us.

These four reasons are what make my life quieter inside. I believe that God has a reason for us to be here and that alone helps me strive. When things get rough and life seems incapable to handle the simple reminder that He died on the cross is when I pray to Him to lift me up. He may not answer immediately, but He does answer us.

Photograph Courtesy Javier Sales

Photograph Courtesy Javier Sales



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